Make Your Own Kitty Diaper in Under 5 Minutes Using Old Underwear

Ever since we adopted Rockette, I’ve always been on the lookout for the easiest ways to make your own kitty diaper.

For those who don’t know yet, Rockette is paraplegic. We got her from a neighbor who said she was caught in a door as it was being closed shut. 🙁

For some time now, I’ve been using disposable baby diaper that I make holes in for the tail. (Human diapers cost only a fraction of pet diapers!). I alternate disposable diapers with large old socks that I line with panty liners, because diapers can get expensive, plus generate a lot of garbage.

But Rockette is growing up so quick, and can now hardly fit into the socks. So I thought I’d sew cloth diapers for her, since I’m cheap and don’t want to buy the ones commercially sold. (I have an inexpensive electric sewing machine I got for about 400 pesos from Lazada).

As I was looking for clothes that I can recycle into cat diapers, I saw old underwear, and got a spark of inspiration! Underwear is already shaped to into the desired shape, and already has elastic around the waist and leg holes!

So I went to work, and within a few minutes, Rockette had a new diaper!

I’d like to share this DIY cat diaper that I you can create in under 5 minutes from old underwear.

Materials Needed

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - materials

  1. Old underwear (best to use wide ones, a.k.a granny panties, not like the one in these photos)
  2. Scissors
  3. Safety pin
  4. Panty liner

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Kitty Diaper from Old Underwear

1. Cut the leg holes on the side of the underwear as shown in the photo. The front of your underwear should be on the back of your cat.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - where to cut

2. Cut the top part of the back side to the desired length from cat’s waist to butt end.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - length

3. Make a small hole near the bottom for the tail.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - tail hole

4. Place a panty liner on the inside. I usually cut it into 2 to cover a wider area.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - steps

5. Use a safety pin to secure the diaper. (Obviously, you’ll put the pin with the cat wearing the diaper already, but I took this photo without the cat to illustrate).

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - finished product

And that’s it! Super simple and easy. Here’s a photo of Rockette wearing the first one I made.

Rockette wearing DIY cat diaper from old underwear

Note that I also use some elastic bands that I put together as suspenders to keep the cloth diaper from falling off. I’ve been using these suspenders with the old socks, and now I can use them with the old underwear. 🙂

I hope you learned something from this article. If you have other ideas on how to create your own cat diaper easily, please share them in the comments!

Female cats aggressive towards cat who just gave birth

We have five indoor cats (4 females and 1 male), all rescued as kittens, and one of them gave birth to five kittens yesterday. Now we are witnessing behavior we’ve never observed in all our previous cats, ever: Female cats aggressive towards cat who just gave birth.


Welcome the five newest members of the family.

I tried googling this phenomenon to find out the reason behind it and hopefully get advice on how to handle the situation. But most of the information I found were about the mother cat exhibiting aggression, and not other female cats being aggressive towards the mother.

Miruku and Kamiya, the two unspayed females, are the ones who show the worst aggression. They hiss, puff their fur, and even attack with their claws when they see Paddington, the mommy of the 5 kittens. (She’s called Paddington because she was rescued from a rice ‘paddy’, and we initially thought she was a he).

female cats aggressive towards cat who just gave birth

Miruku, an unspayed female, hisses at Paddington, the cat who just gave birth.

female cats aggressive towards cat who just gave birth

Kamiya, another unspayed female, is also not happy about Paddington giving birth.

Paddington is trying to remain calm through all this. She comes up to us for cuddles, as if seeking comfort and reprieve from her tormentors.

Cocoa, the spayed female, shows no increased aggression (emphasis on no increase). She is the loner among the five, and has always acted like a total b*tch towards everybody, including her humans. But now, she’s like an angel compared to Miruku and Kamiya!

spayed female cat shows less aggression towards cat who just gave birth

Cocoa, our spayed female, is not too affected by the newborn kittens.

Ally, the neutered male, does not care at all. He’s always been the chill one, even before we had him fixed. Always been as cool as a cucumber.


The male neutered cat Ally is the definition of calm.

I’ve read about closely related female cats taking care of each other’s kittens. So maybe the explanation for the female cats showing aggression towards the new mother is because they are not related at all.

You’ve heard of other female animals committing infanticide on the babies of another female. They do this for various reasons. In meerkats, dominant females kill the babies of subordinates so the latter can act as nurses for her own babies.  In chimpanzees, they do it due to competition for foraging areas.

Maybe the aggression of Miruku and Kamiya towards Paddington is an extension of negative feelings towards the new kittens.

Right now, we are not sure how to deal with this bad behavior from these two female cats. Have you had female cats aggressive towards cat who just gave birth? I’d love to know how you dealt with the problem.

So far though, the other cats have kept relatively distant from the area of the house where we placed the box where Paddington is nesting. We are hoping that in time, everyone will come to accept the new kittens as part of the family.

Salt solution does wonders for kitten’s sore eyes

Conjunctivitis or sore eyes can be quite common in kittens since their immune systems are still not well-developed. Fortunately, we have a cure that costs almost nothing but is highly effective: salt solution!

Unfortunately, our kittens developed sore eyes, and one of them had it so bad, she could barely open her right eye. She’s one of those we rescued more than a month ago, thrown away like trash with the umbilical cord still attached.

We are currently taking care of 9 kittens of different ages in addition to 7 adult cats, so you can imagine how illnesses and infections can spread quickly.

We’re happy to say that she’s alive and well, except for the conjunctivitis. At its worst, her right eye looked much worse than the one in the photo below (I wasn’t able to take an actual photo):


Even a kitten conjunctivitis as bad as this can be cured by salt solution. Image courtesy of

I cleaned it up daily with a salt water solution, and it wonderfully healed after just a few days. This is what she looks like now (actual photo):

Kitten with sore eyes

This kitten’s right eye was cured with a simple salt solution. It was extremely inflamed and could barely open just a few days ago.

It still doesn’t look pretty, but believe me, it looked horrible a few days ago, I was afraid the kitten would go blind!

So how do you use salt solution to cure sore eyes? Here are some tips:

  • Use a pinch of salt dissolved in clean drinking water. Ideally it should be as salty as your tears.
  • Dip a wad of cotton in the salt water and squeeze out excess liquid.
  • Wipe the kitten’s eyes gently, but firm enough to remove the dried up tears or pus.
  • Clean the eyes and surroundings as best as you can. Leftover gunk will be the source of further infection.
  • Do this once or twice daily, depending on severity.
  • If the kitten is healthy enough, give it a bath using appropriate kitten shampoo, to disinfect the rest of its body. Avoid bathing the eyes.

If the kitten’s eyes do not improve within 3 days or so, it’s best to consult a qualified veterinarian. They will prescribe proper medication, which will probably be eye drops or ointment with antibiotics.

If you’ve had similarly wonderful experiences with the use of salt solution, you need to share them with us, don’t keep them to yourself! 🙂

Review of Infinity Dog Food (Super High Protein )

Within a span of two months, we have introduced 3 different dry dog food brands to our furbabies: BeefPro, Optima, and the latest, Infinity dog food. All three claim to be “high protein”.

A little background: For a very long time, our dogs had been on Bow Wow Dog Chow (the one in yellow packaging), which Handyman Hardware store sells for a super cheap price of about 875 Philippine pesos per 50 lb sack. When Cindy, our labrador who later on was diagnosed with a heartworm infection, started refusing to eat Bow Wow, we embarked on a search for a brand she would like and that would also fit within our budget.

We tried BeefPro first, the most expensive of the three at 1,580 pesos per sack. We bought only a few kilos as a trial, which was lucky because the dogs didn’t care much for it. And it was really super greasy for some reason, oil was building up on the sides of the food container, ugh. We never bought it again.

Next we tried Optima Beef Meal High Protein, of which we eventually bought a whole sack, as the dogs liked it. It was 1,540 pesos, and was manufactured by the same company that makes Princess, the dry cat food we’ve been feeding our cats for a very long time. So I thought, we’re sticking with it since it had better ingredients than Bow Wow but was also more affordable than BeefPro. When we ran out of it, I was going to buy another sack when our local pet food supplier suggested I try Infinity High Protein, as it was cheaper, at 1,250 pesos per sack. The sack was however only 44 lbs, compared to Optima’s 50, but it’s still cheaper than the latter on a per pound basis.

We bought only a few kilograms of Infinity to try at first, and when the dogs seemed to like it, we bought one sack. Its ingredients are comparable to those of Optima, and it also meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards.

Both Optima and Infinity say they’re made in the USA, but neither of them indicates the address or contact details of the manufacturer. If you have information about their producers, please let me know.

We’ll let our dogs be the judge, and they seem to like it so far, so this will be our dog food brand for now.

Verdict (so far): 3.5 out of 5 stars
PROS: Good ingredients, meets AAFCO standards, good texture, affordable
CONS: Manufacturing company details not provided, less weight per sack

A bag of hope

We rescued three newborn kittens this morning.

I was walking the dogs, when I heard kittens crying among the bushes at the roundabout in our village. Upon closer inspection, my mom and I found a diaper bag, wrapped in brown paper, which was in turn wrapped and tied in a plastic bag (3 layers of packaging!). Inside were four kittens, which couldn’t have been more than a few hours old. The umbilical cords and placenta were still attached.

There were four, but one of the ginger kittens, was already dead. :'(

There were four, but one of the ginger kittens, was already dead. :'(

We took them into my mom’s kitchen and discovered that one of them was already dead. My mom buried the poor thing, while we let the three live ones nurse on Kanika, our cat who recently also gave birth to 5 kittens. Kanika now has to feed eight kittens! She’s doing a great job as a surrogate mommy.

Kanika inspecting the new arrivals.

Kanika inspecting the new arrivals.

Kanika miraculously allowed someone else's babies to nurse on her.

Kanika miraculously allowed someone else’s babies to nurse on her.

Kanika’s 5 kittens are about 2 weeks old, and are much larger than the three little rescued ones. We have to take the mommy away from the bigs ones, so the little ones could have a chance to feed.

Hoping for the best for these three rescues. Kanika is a wonderful surrogate!

Hoping for the best for these three rescues. Kanika is a wonderful surrogate!

We’re going out today to buy nursing bottles and kitten formula, so we can feed the 3 babies better.

This is a sad reminder how people treat animals. I’m just glad that we found those kittens when we did, even though I know there is no guarantee that they will survive. At least we will give them a fighting chance!