August Vegetable of the Month is an Edible Mushroom


Scientific name: Macrolepiota albuminosa (formerly Agaricus albuminosus or Termitomyces albuminosus)
Family: Agaricaceae (Button Mushroom Family)
Common names: Parasol mushroom, Kabute, Uong, Mamarang

It has been raining non-stop for about a week, and mushrooms have been sprouting like crazy everywhere. So I thought that we’ll digress from featuring green vegetables for just this month, and talk about edible mushrooms in the Philippines. Just to jog your memory, mushrooms belong to a completely different taxonomic kingdom than plants or animals. 😉

There are several kinds of edible mushrooms in the Philippines that can be cultivated, but this one is very rarely, if ever, grown commercially. This is why you’ll never find this in the markets all year round. We’ve only ever obtained this particular type of mushroom by foraging around, and never from the market.

We are lucky enough to have an area in the garden as well as access to vacant lots in the village where mushrooms appear every year during the rainy season. Mushrooms are just one of the lovely things that rains bring about!

Edible mushrooms in the Philippines are usually associated with Chinese dishes, for some reason. I personally love them in soups and omelets. Cook them however you will, they’re packed with fiber, proteins, B Vitamins and minerals!

To encourage growth in the garden, keep an area relatively shaded with trees, allow the fallen branches and leaves to decay instead of sweeping them away. Alternatively, go mushroom-hunting in your vicinity. You’ll usually find this variety growing under the shade of trees in areas that are damp.

Just be careful and make sure that the mushrooms you pick are the edible kind and not the poisonous ones! There are poisonous mushrooms that look similar to this edible one, so it goes without saying that you should do your research first to confirm if what you have is edible or not.


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4 Replies to “August Vegetable of the Month is an Edible Mushroom”

  1. gisa gisa lang ok na ako sa mushroom… sarap. i remember in HS growing Volvariella at the backyard of DA


    1. Wow @lovemindanao you grew mushrooms in HS! That’s really awesome. Stir-fried mushrooms sounds yummy. Nilalagyan mo ba ng ginger or anything other than onions or garlic? 🙂


  2. Uong, for me is the most delicious edible mushrooms. I remember when I was a little girl in Diliman, where I grew up, I would go out with my siblings finding Uong every August morning. Wow! Nostalgia setting in…


    1. Those were the days when Diliman was mostly wilderness, now there’s hardly any green space in the city where you can forage for mushrooms. Sad.


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