Cotton Buds With Paper Stems? They exist!

By now most everybody has probably seen photos if not watched the video of the poor Olive Ridley Turtle who had a straw stuck up its nose. That’s just one of countless examples of how plastic harms marine life.

Plastic is almost unavoidable nowadays, but I try to minimize my use of it as much as possible. When faced with a choice between products packaged in plastic or glass/paper, I typically choose the latter.

Take for example something as innocuous as cotton buds (or Q-tips, like they say in the US). I always choose the ones that have a paper stem, rather than those with plastic stems.

cotton buds with paper stems
Please choose to use cotton buds with paper stems.

Little decisions like this can make a big impact when everyone cooperates. For the love of turtles (and the planet), please minimize our use of plastic!

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