Make your own kitty diaper - materials needed

Make Your Own Kitty Diaper in Under 5 Minutes Using Old Underwear

Ever since we adopted Rockette, I’ve always been on the lookout for the easiest ways to make your own kitty diaper.

For those who don’t know yet, Rockette is paraplegic. We got her from a neighbor who said she was caught in a door as it was being closed shut. 🙁

For some time now, I’ve been using disposable baby diaper that I make holes in for the tail. (Human diapers cost only a fraction of pet diapers!). I alternate disposable diapers with large old socks that I line with panty liners, because diapers can get expensive, plus generate a lot of garbage.

But Rockette is growing up so quick, and can now hardly fit into the socks. So I thought I’d sew cloth diapers for her, since I’m cheap and don’t want to buy the ones commercially sold. (I have an inexpensive electric sewing machine I got for about 400 pesos from Lazada).

As I was looking for clothes that I can recycle into cat diapers, I saw old underwear, and got a spark of inspiration! Underwear is already shaped to into the desired shape, and already has elastic around the waist and leg holes!

So I went to work, and within a few minutes, Rockette had a new diaper!

I’d like to share this DIY cat diaper that I you can create in under 5 minutes from old underwear.

Materials Needed

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - materials

  1. Old underwear (best to use wide ones, a.k.a granny panties, not like the one in these photos)
  2. Scissors
  3. Safety pin
  4. Panty liner

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Kitty Diaper from Old Underwear

1. Cut the leg holes on the side of the underwear as shown in the photo. The front of your underwear should be on the back of your cat.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - where to cut

2. Cut the top part of the back side to the desired length from cat’s waist to butt end.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - length

3. Make a small hole near the bottom for the tail.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - tail hole

4. Place a panty liner on the inside. I usually cut it into 2 to cover a wider area.

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - steps

5. Use a safety pin to secure the diaper. (Obviously, you’ll put the pin with the cat wearing the diaper already, but I took this photo without the cat to illustrate).

DIY cat diaper from old underwear - finished product

And that’s it! Super simple and easy. Here’s a photo of Rockette wearing the first one I made.

Rockette wearing DIY cat diaper from old underwear

Note that I also use some elastic bands that I put together as suspenders to keep the cloth diaper from falling off. I’ve been using these suspenders with the old socks, and now I can use them with the old underwear. 🙂

I hope you learned something from this article. If you have other ideas on how to create your own cat diaper easily, please share them in the comments!

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  1. Hey i have a question. So i rescued a three week old kitten and it poops alot is it ok to use a old sock because the butt is little?

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