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September Vegetable of the Month is Lubi-lubi (Ficus pseudopalma)

LUBI-LUBI or PALM LEAF FIG Scientific name: Ficus pseudopalma Family: Moraceae (Fig family) Common names: Lubi-lubi, Niog-niogan, Palm Leaf Fig, Philippine Fig The Philippines is home to thousands of endemic species, and one of them is a fig locally known as Lubi-lubi. I’ve known about this plant since I took up a plant taxonomy course […]

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Native Species for Reforestation in the Upper Marikina River Basin

Here’s a quick challenge: Enumerate five tree species that are native to the Philippines. I hope that you at least mentioned Narra, probably the most famous native Philippine tree. But did your answers include mangga, santol, langka, sampaloc, or atis? These latter species are all aliens in the Philippines, believe it or not. It is […]