We Need Decent Pet Supply Store in General Trias

You know what makes us go back to SM Dasma even if we prefer Robinson’s GenTri? It’s the pet supply store where we buy affordable and good quality pet products. We need monthly supply of cat litter, canned cat and dog food, treats, etc. There just isn’t a decent pet supply store in General Trias where we can get most of the things we need.

No pet supply store in General Trias offers affordable cat litter
We buy sacks of this cat litter every month. A pet supply store in General Trias where this is sold in enough quantities at prices we can afford is sorely lacking.

We do buy sacks of dry cat and dog food (Princess and Optima, respectively) at a relatively very low price from a nearby supplier. But they don’t sell cat litter, ugh! (Yes we switched back to Optima from Infinity. More of this in another post). So we make our requisite trips to SM just to get cat litter.

Take a hint, Philippine malls! A big factor in our decision to go to a mall are pet stores! I’m sure a lot of pet owners are the same. We spend thousands of pesos on our beloved pets, so you’re losing out if you don’t have a decent pet supply store. (I would be richer if not for all my furbabies).

Receipt form a pet supply store
We spend thousands of pesos every time we visit a pet store.

Please share this post until it reaches Robinson’s GenTri. Maybe they will get a decent pet supply store in General Trias. Another thing we need to have is a place like Cara Welfare, where we can have our pets spayed and neutered at lower costs. The veterinarians here are too expensive, and not as good as those in Cara.

(Note: We have 22 cats and kittens and 9 dogs and puppies. 5 cats are indoors, and they use up a large bag of cat litter in 5 days. Many of them are rescues.)

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