Review of Infinity Dog Food (Super High Protein )

Within a span of two months, we have introduced 3 different dry dog food brands to our furbabies: BeefPro, Optima, and the latest, Infinity dog food. All three claim to be “high protein”.

A little background: For a very long time, our dogs had been on Bow Wow Dog Chow (the one in yellow packaging), which Handyman Hardware store sells for a super cheap price of about 875 Philippine pesos per 50 lb sack. When Cindy, our labrador who later on was diagnosed with a heartworm infection, started refusing to eat Bow Wow, we embarked on a search for a brand she would like and that would also fit within our budget.

We tried BeefPro first, the most expensive of the three at 1,580 pesos per sack. We bought only a few kilos as a trial, which was lucky because the dogs didn’t care much for it. And it was really super greasy for some reason, oil was building up on the sides of the food container, ugh. We never bought it again.

Next we tried Optima Beef Meal High Protein, of which we eventually bought a whole sack, as the dogs liked it. It was 1,540 pesos, and was manufactured by the same company that makes Princess, the dry cat food we’ve been feeding our cats for a very long time. So I thought, we’re sticking with it since it had better ingredients than Bow Wow but was also more affordable than BeefPro. When we ran out of it, I was going to buy another sack when our local pet food supplier suggested I try Infinity High Protein, as it was cheaper, at 1,250 pesos per sack. The sack was however only 44 lbs, compared to Optima’s 50, but it’s still cheaper than the latter on a per pound basis.

We bought only a few kilograms of Infinity to try at first, and when the dogs seemed to like it, we bought one sack. Its ingredients are comparable to those of Optima, and it also meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards.

Both Optima and Infinity say they’re made in the USA, but neither of them indicates the address or contact details of the manufacturer. If you have information about their producers, please let me know.

We’ll let our dogs be the judge, and they seem to like it so far, so this will be our dog food brand for now.

Verdict (so far): 3.5 out of 5 stars
PROS: Good ingredients, meets AAFCO standards, good texture, affordable
CONS: Manufacturing company details not provided, less weight per sack

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    1. Hi Ricky. I get it from a small pet supply store here in Gen. Trias. The name of the place is Triple Joseph, located along Gov. Ferrer highway, near Manggahan intersection. I’m pretty sure they get their stuff from Cartimar in Pasay though…

  2. Theresa Carstensen

    I would like to see a ingredients comparison. Why can’t I find one? I can’t find any true reviews or company information. Please answer my questions.

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