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Salt solution does wonders for kitten’s sore eyes

Conjunctivitis or sore eyes can be quite common in kittens since their immune systems are still not well-developed. Fortunately, we have a cure that costs almost nothing but is highly effective: salt solution!

Unfortunately, our kittens developed sore eyes, and one of them had it so bad, she could barely open her right eye. She’s one of those we rescued more than a month ago, thrown away like trash with the umbilical cord still attached.

We are currently taking care of 9 kittens of different ages in addition to 7 adult cats, so you can imagine how illnesses and infections can spread quickly.

We’re happy to say that she’s alive and well, except for the conjunctivitis. At its worst, her right eye looked much worse than the one in the photo below (I wasn’t able to take an actual photo):

Even a kitten conjunctivitis as bad as this can be cured by salt solution. Image courtesy of

I cleaned it up daily with a salt water solution, and it wonderfully healed after just a few days. This is what she looks like now (actual photo):

Kitten with sore eyes
This kitten’s right eye was cured with a simple salt solution. It was extremely inflamed and could barely open just a few days ago.

It still doesn’t look pretty, but believe me, it looked horrible a few days ago, I was afraid the kitten would go blind!

So how do you use salt solution to cure sore eyes? Here are some tips:

  • Use a pinch of salt dissolved in clean drinking water. Ideally it should be as salty as your tears.
  • Dip a wad of cotton in the salt water and squeeze out excess liquid.
  • Wipe the kitten’s eyes gently, but firm enough to remove the dried up tears or pus.
  • Clean the eyes and surroundings as best as you can. Leftover gunk will be the source of further infection.
  • Do this once or twice daily, depending on severity.
  • If the kitten is healthy enough, give it a bath using appropriate kitten shampoo, to disinfect the rest of its body. Avoid bathing the eyes.

If the kitten’s eyes do not improve within 3 days or so, it’s best to consult a qualified veterinarian. They will prescribe proper medication, which will probably be eye drops or ointment with antibiotics.

If you’ve had similarly wonderful experiences with the use of salt solution, you need to share them with us, don’t keep them to yourself! 🙂

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  1. Thanks, I think you just helped saving 4little kittens in Kobuleti, Georgia! I’m a tourist that loves animals and especially cats. I cleaned their eyes once and when I came back tonight again they we’re running around playing. One had both eyes closed from infection but it seems even he might not go blinde

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