Seven day Filipino Vegetarian meals - bulanglang

Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals (What I Ate at Home for a Week)

If you’ve ever wondered what a vegetarian in the Philippines normally eats at home, wonder no more! I chronicled all the meals I had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week. Obviously, my diet is not limited to what is shown here. Maybe I’ll create another version of this seven day Filipino vegetarian meals journal again in the future to cover more of the diverse food choices I have at home.

But without any further ado, here are the 21 meals I consumed in a week of my life. Many of the vegetables you see here were actually harvested from our garden.

Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals – Day 1
Seven day Filipino vegetarian meal - somen noodles with luffa
Day 1 Vegetarian Breakfast: Japanese somen (wheat flour) noodles with patola (luffa), white rice.
Seven day Filipino vegetarian meals - peanut butter sandwhich
Day 1 Vegetarian Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich with fresh papaya. Yes, sometimes we get too lazy to cook.
Seven day Filipino vegetarian meals - Potato and Cucumber Salad
Day 1 Vegetarian Dinner: potato and cucumber salad.
Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals – Day 2
Vegetarian breakfast - mushroom omelet
Day 2 Vegetarian Breakfast: Mushroom omelet, brown rice, coffee.
Vegetarian lunch - vegetable stew
Day 2 Vegetarian Lunch: Bulanglang (vegetable stew), rice. Perfect for that rainy day.
Vegetarian dinner - stir fried green beans and vegetables
Day 2 Vegetarian Dinner: Stir fried abitsuelas (green beans), rice.
Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals – Day 3
Vegetarian breakfast - toasted bread with cheez whiz spread, plaini yogurt, tea
Day 3 Vegetarian Breakfast: Toasted whole wheat bread with Cheez Whiz filling, plain yogurt, tea.
Vegetarian lunch - kimchi rice
Day 3 Vegetarian Lunch: Kimchi rice topped with fried egg.
Seven day Filipino vegetarian meals - Tortang talong
Day 3 Vegetarian Dinner: Tortang talong (roasted eggplant fried in egg), bulanglang (vegetable stew, different version than Day 2), white rice.
Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals – Day 4
Vegetarian breakfast - white bread with milk cheese
Day 4 Vegetarian Breakfast: White bread with milk cheese, coffee.
Vegetarian lunch - mung bean stew
Day 4 Vegetarian Lunch: Munggo bean stew, rice.
Vegetarian dinner - tofu with black beans
Day 4 Vegetarian Dinner: Tofu with black bean sauce, white rice.
Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals – Day 5
Vegetarian breakfast - toast and butter
Day 5 Vegetarian Breakfast: Margarine on whole wheat toast, Swiss Miss.
Vegetarian lunch - sour soup
Day 5 Vegetarian Lunch: Vegetable sinigang (sour soup), white rice.
Vegetarian breakfast - vegetable tempura
Day 5 Vegetarian Dinner: Vegetable tempura, soy sauce and mirin dip, white rice.
Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals – Day 6
Vegetarian breakfast - French toast
Day 6 Vegetarian Breakfast: French toast, cream cheese, blueberry jam, tea.
Vegetarian lunch - stir fried bitter gourd
Day 6 Vegetarian Lunch: Stir fried ampalaya (bitter gourd), white rice.
Vegetarian dinner - pizza
Day 6 Vegetarian Dinner: Pizza! This was bought, we didn’t make this. 😉
Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals – Day 7
Vegetarian breakfast - grilled vegetables
Day 7 Vegetarian Breakfast: Pan-grilled eggplant, tomatoes, and onions, fried rice.
Vegetarian lunch - sour soup
Day 7 Vegetarian Lunch: Sinigang (sour soup, different version than Day 5), rice.
Vegetarian dinner - luffa and tofu
Day 7 Vegetarian Dinner: Patola (luffa), tofu, white rice.

So there you have it! A whole week’s worth of meat-free meals. (Note: desserts not included, although I don’t eat dessert with every meal anyway). I have my Mom to thank, as she cooked most of these meals. Which one is your favorite?

11 thoughts on “Seven Day Filipino Vegetarian Meals (What I Ate at Home for a Week)”

  1. Reg, what do you use as soup base for the bulanglang for flavor if their is no fish or meat in it? Can i have the recipe? Looks delish!

    1. Hi Shara! Just the right mix of of salt, garlic, onions, pepper, and ginger is enough to give it a hearty flavor. You can also try a bit of soy sauce. But to give it that fish taste, vegans recommend seaweed, like wakame. I’m not vegan, just vegetarian, so if my mom cooks a dish using actual fish sauce, I can still eat it. I don’t eat fish or seafood though, hehe.

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